Contract for the Payment Plan:

The payment plan is perfect for collectors who want to split their payments in monthly installments, allowing them to purchase more items and defer the payment throughout the months, according to a customizable schedule. There’s no interest, but there’s a small cancellation fee, to cover some internal charges that we will have with our payment gateway.

By using the payment plan option, you agree with the terms and conditions below:

1) Permission to charge your card

By using the payment plan option, you consent and allow Iron Studios to process your credit card for the dollar amounts on the selected schedule. If by any reason your card expires, get changed, or lacks necessary funds during the plan, it’s your responsibility to update the credit card before your next payment. If you fail to do so, you might have your payment plan canceled or have to pay late charge fees.

For some pre-order items, that are being manufactured (therefore they are not ready) we don’t have the exact dimensions of the box and weight, so we can’t estimate the shipping cost in advance. Once the item is ready to be shipped, we will add shipping + tax on your final payment.

2) Cancelation Fee: Non-Refundable Deposit or $25 USD for items that don’t require a deposit.

For pre-order items, we require a 10% non-refundable deposit, that holds the item while it’s being manufactured. If the order is canceled, by your choice, insufficient funds, lack of information, etc, your deposit will be used as a cancelation fee. If the item you purchased is not a pre-order item, we will you charge a $25 cancellation fee.

3) Dispute of terms

We offer a 24 hour grace period of placing your order if you want to cancel your payment plan without having any charges incurred. You can only cancel your item via your account at Iron Studios US website if it’s done within 24 hours. For cancelations after 24 hours, please send an email to

4) Changing your schedule

Is it possible to change the schedule?

5) Chargebacks and fee disputes

If Credit Card companies submit a dispute, or chargeback to Iron Studios, on behalf of our clients, for any non-refundable deposit, cancelation fee, after the 24 hours grace period, we will send a copy of this agreement, showing that you consented and accepted our terms and conditions, which is a contract between you and Iron Studios, resulting in a dismissal of the dispute. We will freeze the account that is being disputed until the result of the chargeback.

6) We can update the terms of this agreement at any time

Iron Studios has the right to update the terms of this agreement, without the consent or without notifying the collectors. The collectors should check this regularly for updates.