All pre-order information is available at your account. We also notify customers about pre-order shipments in many different ways.

    U.S. and International customers receive an invoice via e-mail with tracking information once the order ships.

    We announce an estimated ship date at the end of the product page. The page will then update to a specific month when the item leaves our manufacturing facilities on its way to our main warehouse.

    We send pre-order updates via e-mail.

    Shipping updates are also sent through our Newsletters.

    You can also track orders in the \’Order History\’ section of your account.

    We do everything we can to ensure you receive your collectible. Please note that Iron Studios is not responsible for e-mail notifications that were not received due to outdated accounts, SPAM filter or an interruption of service.

    Please note that delays of releases may occur. Our factory is in China and the statues are sent to us when they are ready. Many reasons can make a statue release late, either can be the liberation at the port, the transportation, or the delay on the production.  We ask for you to have patience on this matter because some issues happen and are out of our control. If you wish to cancel the order let us know. As soon we recive the product you will receive an invoice for you to complete the payment.