Terms and Conditions


    Expiration Date

    Most of our coupons have no expiration date, except those that have an explicit date limit or exist due to a commemorative date. Pay attention to the details of the promotion.


    Specific Items

    Promotions are valid for selected items. You will not be able to use a promo code on an item that has not been selected. If your code is not working, check if the item is within the promotion.

    Free Shipping promotions are not valid for newly launched items in stock.

    Free Shipping promotions are only valid for US residents.

    Coupons cannot be used with itens in wholesale


    Coupon Usage

    Coupons are not valid on items on sale, and our discount codes may only be used once per customer.

    If you have used the code in an order that has been canceled, you will not be able to use it again.

    Iron Studios hold the right to cancel any order upon our discretion.


    Promotions Are Specific To Your Account

    If you have received a discount code, it will be linked to your account. You will not be able to transfer it to someone else or another e-mail address.


    Pre-Order Items

    Discount codes cannot be used on pre-order items.

    Free Shipping can only be applied to in-stock items available at the moment at the purchase.

    You can only use One Per order

    Only one promotion or discount (gift cards, rebates, shipping specials, promotions, certificates, site discounts, etc.) can be used per transaction and per order.  If more than one discount is applied you won´t be able to finalize your purchase.

    Limited quantity applies.