Collect what you love and earn Rewards: Rewards can be earned on almost every product that we sell through our online store. You earn 5% back, so the savings will add up fast!

    Redeem Rewards at CHECKOUT: Rewards can only be used at checkout and cannot be applied after your order is submitted. These Rewards are good for the price of the item only. They are not eligible for taxes or shipping fees. Follow the simple steps below to take advantage of your Rewards!

    Within the Review Items section, click the Use Promo Code or Rewards text.
    Choose Iron Studios Rewards from the drop down menu titled, Choose the discount to apply.
    Enter the dollar value of points you would like to apply. Clients can only have a maximum discount of $50 USD (1000 points) off per order. Click Apply rewards button, if you do not click this button, rewards will not be applied.
    The next screen should display a green confirmation message at the top and a pre-checked Terms and Conditions box!

    You will also notice a checkbox that denotes your agreement of the Iron Studios terms and conditions and cancelation policy. If you uncheck that box, you will be unable to place your order, as you must agree to the terms to use your Iron Studios Rewards.

    Like any service, our Rewards program has terms and conditions that should be reviewed entirely prior to redeeming your discounts. Once you use the service you are agreeing to these terms and will be held to them. We have highlighted some of the important ones below.

    Rewards cannot be added to your order after it is placed.
    Rewards cannot be combined with promo codes or other discounts.
    Rewards cannot be added to Wait List Reservations that have converted.
    Rewards cannot be used towards any type of shipping, taxes or import fees.
    If a Reward is applied to a pre-order, only the 10% of the value of the coupon is applied to the pre-order deposit, the remaining 90% of the coupon is applied to the remaining balance on the statue.
    Rewards cannot transferred to another order.
    Rewards points redeemed on an order that is canceled or returned can return to your account, but you need to contact us since it is done manually.

    Rewards become active 40 days after your item is shipped to allow you the opportunity to take advantage of our Exchange program if needed. Reward activation cannot be accelerated.

    Managing your Rewards: After Signing in to your account, the Rewards Points can be located in your Iron Studios Wallet under  Rewards Points.

    In the Iron Studios Rewards area of your online account, you can view your Available Rewards (those ready to redeem immediately) and your Pending Rewards (those available 40 days after shipment of your item(s)).

    You can view detailed information about pending rewards at the bottom of the Rewards page.

    As a convenience to you, we will send you a monthly email with your Iron Studios Rewards summary. This email is sent to the email address associated with your account. If you would like to opt-out of this email, please uncheck the box located in the Reward Email Preference panel.

    If you have any problems regarding your points, just contact us and we will help you.