Promo codes are eligible on different categories of items depending on the promotion. The promo codes all have different values and expiration dates. If you are unsure your code\’s details, you can use the Promo Code Look-up tool. Once you have accessed the tool, enter your code, then select the \”show all eligible products\” link to see a complete list of product that is eligible for your code!

    Redeeming your promo code is easy: You need to add your code at your order at checkout before you submit your order to us. We give you two opportunities to add your code to your order.

    Keep in mind that a code cannot be added to your order once it is submitted, so be sure that your code shows up in your order summary before you select the \”Place your order\” button. Also, you can only use one discount at a time on your order.

    1) The first opportunity to add a code is on the \”Checkout\” page. Click the \”Click here to enter your code\” text and enter the code into the text area. This is located just below the total value of the order. Then click the \”Apply\” button.

    After you have successfully applied your code, the cart will update showing your discount.

    2) Your second chance to add your code is on the final screen, entitled \”Review Order\”. Select the \”Use Promo Code or Rewards\” button and click it to reveal the options available to you. Enter your promo code in the field labelled \”Enter Promo Code\” and click on \”Add Code\” to apply to your order.

    On this screen, you may also choose from codes stored in your online promotional wallet.

    Remove a code: It is okay to change your mind and save your code for another day. Simply click the \”Remove\” text located next to the code.

    We have listed a few of the most important rules to using a promo code that we will expect you to know.

    You can use only one discount at a time. You cannot combine Rewards, promo codes, etc.
    You have to add your promo code at checkout prior to submitting your order. Unless there is a malfunction of the site, this responsibility is all yours.
    Promo codes cannot be transferred to another order if you cancel the original order it was on.
    Promotional codes are free. They are not gift cards, so they can and do have expiration dates.